Toll Packing Machines

Continuous Band Sealer

For processed products like meat, fish and dried fruits; with 70 to 100 per hour production capacity
P120.00 per hour.

Shrink Machine

Shrinkable packaging for small boxed materials and plastic bottles; has a production output of 320 to 350 per hour.
P324.00 per hour

Semi-Automatic SUP Filler and Automatic Machine

For stand-up-pouches, glass and plastic bottles for fruits drinks, energy drinks, water, condiments and other flavored drinks and beverages.
Semi-automatic SUP Filler P890.00 per hour
Automatic In-line Filler for bottle P982.00 per hour

Vacuum Packing Machine

For packaging home-made processed products like fish (tinapa, tuyo, dakin, sapsap, tilanggit, dilis, etc.), meat (tocino, longganisa, tapa, chicharon, etc.), atsara, buro and other processed goods that may be sent as pasalubong to families and friends abroad P132.00 per hour

Die-cutting Machine

A special kind of equipment for creasing and cutting various card board to be used as packaging materials; has a maximum die cutting size of 1,100mm x 800mm; service fee depends on the thickness and size

Automatic Granular Packaging Machine

For packing granular products like tea, coffee, etc.; can produce 50 to 100 bags per minute.
P0.07 per pc. or P150.00 per hr for 10g
P0.10 per pc. or P200.00 per hr for 20g

Retort Machine

For ready-to-eat food products, processed fish, fruits and vegetables in pouches or bottles in order to prolong the product’s shelflife (usually lasting for six months to one year) for storage and future selling purposes.
P894.00 per hour